DNA 4 LIFE information

DNA is the blueprint for our individuality. It is the biochemical “code” for life and the basis of our heredity. The DNA you received from your parents plays a large role in how your body looks and functions. Recent advances in technology have now made it possible to examine your DNA for specific variations that indicate how your body may carry out a particular function, such as how you may respond to particular medicines

A Basic Overview

Genes are made of DNA and function as the molecular unit of heredity. Each gene codes for a specific protein. Proteins are complex “action” molecules that impact our physiology. Some gene variants result in changes to the protein, for which it codes, that impact the protein’s function, how much of the protein you produce, or whether you produce the protein at all. These inherited changes in protein function can have a dramatic impact on our body functions.

Skin Care – Your skin is the largest organ in your body. The three components that affect the appearance and health of your skin are:

A. Antioxidant

B. Elasticity

C. Hydration

Our skin care report analyzes nine genes that can affect these three main components of your skin. Skin care usually takes the “one-size fits” all approach with treating individuals who are all different. The only sure way to effectively treat your skin is by knowing your own genetic make-up. Once you receive your DNA4Life skin care report, you will have a more scientific and accurate approach to your skin care, and you will finally be able to eliminate the guesswork in treating your skin.

Wellness – Genetic variations can indicate the best diet and exercise routine for you. A DNA4Life wellness report eliminates the struggle associated with weight loss by analyzing your unique genetic makeup and providing customized action items. By having this data in hand, you will know the types of exercise and diet plans that will maximize your weight loss results. The more genetic variations found in the wellness report, the more actionable items are provided for enhanced results.