1 YOU!

Find out what makes you unique.

DNA is the blueprint for our individuality. It is the biochemical “code” for life and the basis of our heredity. The DNA you received from your parents plays a large role in how your body looks and functions.

Recent advances in technology have now made it possible to examine your DNA for specific variations that indicate how your body may carry out a particular function, such as how you may respond to particular medicines, what nutritional supplements or exercise program might be best suited for you or which skin care products or lifestyle changes may enhance a more youthful appearance.

Skin Care Report

skin care (1)Our Skin Care Report analyzes your unique genetic variations that may affect the 3 key components of your skin’s appearance and vitality; Antioxidants, Elasticity and Hydration.  This report generates your own unique genetic composite score that provides unique dietary suggestions, behavioral suggestions, and product/supplement information from over 100 data sources.

Wellness Review Report

wellness reviewThe DNA4Life Wellness Review Report looks at your unique genetic tendencies in the areas of fitness and nutrition and provides dietary, exercise, supplement and lifestyle action items that can enhance or negate such genetic tendencies. Genetic Variations may indicate the best workout and diet plan for you to maximize weight loss. Your genes may also tell you which vitamins and minerals might be helpful for you to supplement for personalized maximum health.