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Your Genetic Makeup: The Answer to Treating & Delaying Wrinkles

dna4life wrinkle cream

One of the ongoing battles of aging is fighting wrinkles in our skin. In fact, within the cosmetics industry, skin care accounts for over $50 billion in worldwide sales annually. In the US, skin care products trail only toiletries when it comes to cosmetics spending. While there has been no overall correlation between healthy skin and happiness, it is, none the less, something we take very seriously.

Signs of aging, especially wrinkles, come from both external and internal factors. Externally, there are numerous factors we can’t control, but some we can. We can control how much unprotected exposure to the sun we have. We can control whether or not we use tobacco. We cannot, however, control pollutants in the air or other elements of the weather.

Internally, the same is true. Our diet plays an important role within the aging process; as does proper hydration. Furthermore, how we handle stress can affect our skin. Constant tensing of facial muscles from undue stress can lead to premature wrinkles. While we have some control over these things, the largest internal factor in aging is out of our control. According to Scientific American, “After the age of 20, a person produces about 1 percent fewer collagens in the skin each year. As a result, the skin becomes thinner and more fragile with age.” We also begin to see a reduction in the production of elastin, further contributing to wrinkles.

Traditionally, the best way to fight wrinkles has been a three-part skin-care regimen consisting of cleansing, treating, and moisturizing the skin. It is recommended that you cleanse the skin twice daily. In the evening, it is important to remove any toxins or pollutants your skin has come in contact with throughout the day. It is also vital to remove your make-up. This allows your skin to “breathe” throughout the night. In the morning, cleansing your skin serves a different purpose. It clears out dead skin, built-up oil, and everything else in order to give you a blank slate to treat your skin and apply make-up.

Whether you use a retinoid, benzoyl peroxide, a vitamin treatment, ACV toner or any combination that makes up your regimen, starting with a clean face provides the best absorption. Moisturizing the skin is where the fight against wrinkles gets a little tricky. Our skin functions at its best when properly hydrated, but not everyone hydrates at the same rate. Some people rely heavily on moisturizer, not only to retain their natural moisture, but to attract outside hydration as well. Others don’t need a moisturizer at all. Of those that use a moisturizer, the individual ingredients play a key role in how the moisturizer will work. Glycerin is the most common moisturizer ingredient, but many contain mineral oils, other essential oils, and some even contain hyaluronic acid, which is also used on burn victims.

Most “experts” concede that finding the right moisturizer is a “trial-and-error” process. They will tell you that starting with the moisturizer with the fewest ingredients and analyzing how your skin reacts to it is the best way to find what works for you. This process can take months, if not years to find the right product. Not to mention it can waste hundreds, if not thousands of dollars along the way. On top of that, once you have found a product that works well with your skin, is the trial-and-error process ever really over as new products enter the market?

This is where DNA4Life comes in. Knowing your genetic makeup is the most effective way to treat your skin. Investing in a DNA4Life Skin Care Report will give you a more scientific approach to your skin care. You will be able to eliminate the trial-and-error by knowing how your genetic makeup will cause your skin to react to the individual ingredients in a moisturizer, or any other skin treatment product. So, rather than buying a bottle, tube, or jar of something to “test” it out; you can simply look at the ingredients and know right away if it works for you.

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